The world is paying attention to superconductors at room temperature and pressure, which are called various names such as  dream material’ and ‘ Holy Grail ‘. China is no exception. This is because Korea’s Quantum Energy side disclosed not only that it made superconductors at room temperature and normal pressure, but also the manufacturing process and a kind of ‘recipe’. What is a superconductor ? … A ‘dream material’ with zero resistance A superconductor is a conductor without resistance , so once current starts to flow, it can flow forever without resistance. So far, superconducting properties have been discovered only in extremely low-temperature environments such as -200 degrees Celsius or ultra-high pressure environments, and only in some materials. So, many scientists have been striving to create materials with superconducting properties at higher temperatures. In addition, superconductors have several other characteristics besides zero resistance . A typical example is the Meissner (diamagnetism) effect .

The Meissner effect is the inability of an external magnetic field to 토토사이트penetrate the superconductor. In the case of a superconductor, if there is an external magnetic field, a supercurrent is formed inside the superconductor, creating a magnetic field in the opposite direction and floating in the air . This is why there are many pictures of ‘levitation’ when it comes to superconductors .

There are other characteristics besides this, but the important thing is that it has not been possible to make this material at room temperature so far, and if it can be made, mankind will rewrite a completely different history in the energy industry .

For example, if the current that has flowed once continues to flow without resistance (without loss), it is nothing to turn on the air conditioner all day in the heat without worrying about costs.

■”Is this going to happen?”… Laboratories around the world, after reappearance

But, of course, the whole world was upset when a Korean research team made a normal-temperature, normal-pressure superconductor named LK-99 . Various memes ( a kind of Internet fad) are also overflowing.

Of course, the current announcement by Korean researchers has not been properly verified, and skeptical views are predominant due to the fact that it is difficult to express superconducting properties. However, the so-called ‘recipe (manufacturing method)’ that

can make superconductors has been released, but are there any scientists who won’t try this? It is known that various research institutes, such as Argonne National Laboratory in the United States , Nanjing University in China, and Collège de France in France , are conducting experiments to reproduce LK-99 . In addition , the simulation was carried out to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ( LBLN ) under the US Department of Energy, which is called the ‘Mecca of Nobel’ . ■China ” first successful implementation of LK-99 “… in fact? However, it was claimed that China succeeded in making the LK-99 for the first time . The research team at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China is the main character. The research team made a material with the same properties as LK-99 and claimed to have verified the ‘Meissner (diamagnetic) effect’ of superconductors , and released a video on Bilibili, a Chinese video sharing platform.In the video, a small dot-like mass gets up when the magnet is pushed in, and then lies on its side when the magnet is removed. The research team explained that this material exhibited the ‘Meissner effect’, one of the characteristics of superconductors. However, controversy immediately arose about the diamagnetic properties of the material that the Chinese research team was said to have realized. This is because the LK-99 in the actual video appears to be tilted, one side attached to a magnet, and only the other side floating in the air. In addition, the research team added that additional experiments are needed to determine the key feature of superconductors, whether they are in the absence of electrical resistance. As a result, it was a half-successful experiment that showed only a glimpse of the ‘Meissner (diamagnetic) effect’. However, the video that the research team at Huazhong University of Science and Technology claimed to have ‘successfully verified’has become a hot topic with more than 9.89 million views after four days of publication (as of the afternoon of the 4th) . Chinese netizens commented, “The superconducting material in the video is like the wings of a butterfly, and the wind it creates will cover the entire human society.” I can’t hide my excitement. If the discovery is true, it’s not the Nobel Prize, but the ‘LK-99’With this achievement deserving of a ‘prize’, China is once again showing its aspiration to be the first and the best in any field.

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