Nonghyup Economic Holdings Livestock Economy plans to release traditional liquor using ‘whey’. This is the result of adding pan-agricultural cooperative development support to a project that was finally selected by an in-house venture last year, and it is expected to have a significant effect in recycling thousands of tons of whey that is treated as wastewater every year.

According to’s coverage on the 8th, Nonghyup Economic Holdings is making final preparations to introduce traditional liquor ‘Simwooju (Heart Cow Wine)’ as early as next week. Sim Wooju is Nonghyup Economic Holdings’ first makgeolli made from Gimpo Geum Rice, which was served on the king’s table in the past, and whey from Imsil Cheese Nonghyup.

The fact that it is made using domestic whey is a big difference from existing traditional liquor. Whey is a by-product left after milk is coagulated and coagulated after manufacturing cheese or casein. According to food industry statistics, as of 2021, when producing 1 kg of cheese using domestic raw materials, 10 kg of whey as a by-product is generated.

Currently, most of the whey that is produced every time cheese is made is treated as wastewater. Although it can be further processed and used, it is difficult to store and there is no suitable infrastructure to use it. Another problem is that the cost of processing is more expensive than the cost of disposal due to lack of demand.

In the case of Imsil cheese, which is used to make deep space, it costs about 400 won per liter to process the whey, but if it is discarded, it only costs about 300 won per liter. Some of the domestic whey can be made into powder and used, but it is not used often as it is less price competitive than imported whey.

As a result, most of the 2,800 tons (estimated) of whey produced domestically each year is discarded. The reason Nonghyup Economic Holdings rolled up its sleeves was to change consumers’ perception of whey and at the same time increase its added value, leading to profits for dairy farmers.

Previously, Nonghyup Economic Holdings held a livestock economic venture business item contest last year and began full-scale operations this year with the ‘Space Business’, which won first place. As the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation provides marketing education and traditional liquor education안전놀이터, in-house venture ideas have been transformed into practical products that will improve the profitability of farms.

To practice ESG (Environment, Responsibility, Transparent Management), we plan to jointly develop it with Palpal Brewery, a youth brewery, and sell Simwooju through Naver Smart Store. In the future, we are also considering supplying it through Nonghyup Online Shopping Mall, Nonghyup Mall, and Hanaro Mart. In addition to makgeolli, the production of distilled liquor (godosu) is also being discussed internally.

As the 2030 generation has recently become interested in exploring and purchasing traditional stocks, it is expected that deep space will also become popular in the market. According to the National Tax Statistics Yearbook, when the size of the entire liquor market decreased by 4.3% from 2017 to 2021, the traditional liquor market grew by 138.8%. In particular, makgeolli sales increased significantly. In addition, as ‘ Loconomy

‘, which involves consuming products or specialties with regional characteristics, and ‘ Meaning Out ‘ , a consumption culture that reflects beliefs and values, are popular, they can attract the attention of young people in the mid to long term. It seems like there is.

Nonghyup Economic Holdings independently established a supply chain to secure a stable supply of premium whey needed for deep space production. Considering brewery contacts and development processes, it appears that it will take some time for competitors to enter the market. There are plans to showcase deep space at the Imsil Cheese Festival held next month.

Ahn Byeong-woo, CEO of Nonghyup Economic Holdings Livestock Economy, said, “Starting with the development of this new deep space product, we expect to see a variety of products using agricultural and livestock products such as whey,” and added, “We will not spare any support in the development of new products that can create new value in the future.” “It’s a plan,” he said.

Simwooju is a makgeolli with a capacity of 750 ml and an alcohol content of 6 degrees.

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