updated the power rankings of 30 major league teams on the 17th (hereafter Korean time).

The Tampa Bay Rays, which had a 13-game winning streak in the opening game, were pushed out of first place. The Atlanta Braves, who recently won six games in a row, rose to first place. Tampa Bay ranks first in the American League East Division with 14 wins and 2 losses, and Atlanta ranks first in the National League East Division with 12 wins and 4 losses. said, “Tampa Bay’s winning streak is old news. The current winning streak is Atlanta. Last week, he won six straight against Cincinnati and Kansas City. Atlanta currently has three players with OPS over 1.000.”

Matt Olsen (1.069), Ronald Acuna Jr. (1.022) and Sean Murphy (1.097) are the protagonists. Murphy is batting .279 with an on-base percentage of .446 and a slugging percentage of .651.

The media said, “Atlanta is currently in the top 10 in pitching power. We have a fun series with San Diego earlier in the week. San Diego should be afraid.” In the four straight matches held in Atlanta in early April, San Diego led with 3 wins and 1 loss.

Tampa Bay had a 13-game winning streak in the opening game, but the winning streak ended when they lost to Toronto. It was a losing series with 1 win and 2 losses to Toronto. said, “Sorry. Tampa Bay. It was a weekly record of 5 wins and 2 losses, and even though it recorded 2 losses on the road against one of the outstanding teams, Toronto, it fell by one place in the rankings.” Toronto will meet Central District teams Cincinnati and Chicago White Sox this week.

Third place was taken by Toronto (10-6, 7th last week), 4th by the New York Yankees (10-6, 4th last week), and 5th by Houston (7-9, 6th last week). The Los Angeles Dodgers fell from 3rd to 7th. The Los Angeles Angels have moved up from 15th to 13th.

The team that has risen the most is the Texas Rangers. It jumped from 18th to 12th. said,먹튀검증 “Texas won 2-1 against Kansas City last week and 2-1 against rival Houston. The most impressive thing is his pitching ability. 10th out of 30 clubs. And the best starter right now is Martin Perez, not Jacob deGrom.” Perez is recording an average ERA of 2.87 with 2 wins and 1 loss in 3 games, and deGrom is recording an ERA of 4.32 with 1 win in 3 games due to a sluggish opening day. 

The teams with the most drop in ranking are San Diego and St. Louis. Falling 5 steps side by side. The media said, “San Diego lost 1-2 to the New York Mets and 1-3 to Milwaukee last week. Fernando Tatis Jr. needs to return.” San Diego fell from 5th to 10th

. The media commented, “St. Louis won 2-1 against Colorado, but managed to record 2-2 at home against Pittsburgh, and is currently fourth in the NL Central Division.”

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