Two tanks filled with red wine suddenly exploded at a winery in Portugal먹튀검증, causing an uproar that covered the streets of the village with wine.

According to the New York Post on the 11th (local time), the day before, dark red liquid began flowing like a river in São Lurenzo do Bairo, a small town on the Portuguese coast.

The ‘dark red liquid’ in question was none other than red wine. At a nearby brewery, two tanks containing 2.2 million liters of red wine burst and spilled out of the brewery. It is reported that the amount of red wine leaked was enough to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

In a video of the situation at the time, nearby roads were completely stained red due to red wine, and some residents looked confused as they saw the dark red river flowing.

The massive amount of red wine flowing eventually prompted the local government to issue an environmental warning. In addition, as the risk of wine leaking from the winery flowing into the nearby Sertima River increased, fire authorities took steps to change the direction of wine flow to prevent the river from being polluted.

Fortunately, fire officials were able to divert the wine from the river to a remote field. The river is not polluted.

No one was injured in this commotion, but nearby houses and crops suffered significant damage. The basement of a house near the winery was flooded with wine.

The brewery issued a statement and apologized. “We will take full responsibility for the costs of clean-up and damage to the village and have set up a team to deal with this immediately,” the brewery said. “We will do our best to resolve this situation as quickly as possible.”

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