Kang Ji-hoon and Hong Sang-min are active as the main pillars of Yonsei University. 

Yonsei University won 85-49 against Hanyang University in the 39th MBC Cup National Collegiate Basketball Sangju Tournament Group B qualifier held on the 14th at the new building of the Sangju Indoor Gymnasium.

Yonsei University took a big void as the two pillars of the Big Man Jin먹튀검증, Lee Kyu-tae and Kim Bo-bae, left side by side. Yonsei University is already struggling with injuries from the 4th grade organic award and guards.

As Lee Gyu-tae and Kim Bo-bae were left out, the proportion of freshmen Kang Ji-hoon and Hong Sang-min naturally increased. Kang Ji-hoon, who is also a second-generation basketball player, is tall at 202cm and is a resource with both height and shooting ability. Similarly, Hong Sang-min, who is not short in height (201 cm), is a strong big man.

From the end of the regular season, the two players have been taking turns with senior Kim Kun-woo to keep Yonsei under the goal. From the perspective of Yonsei University, where available resources are greatly reduced, the existence of Kang Ji-hoon and Hong Sang-min, who continue to grow, is a great strength. 

Kang Ji-hoon already recorded 15 points and 3 block shots going back and forth in Kyunghee Daejeon, the first match of the MBC Cup. His presence shined even in the match against Hanyang University, where the team won a great victory. Based on the long shot distance, he hit jumpers one after another, added 9 rebounds and 3 blocked shots. 

Hong Sang-min, who coach Yun Ho-jin wanted to attack more aggressively from the bottom of the goal, also showed a better appearance than before in the Hanyang Daejeon. He was tougher on the inside, scoring 14 points while also making two 3-pointers.

Coach Yoon expects Hong Sang-min and Kang Ji-hoon to show more concentration in the game. He also handed over carrots, saying that he continues to grow. 

After the Hanyang Daejeon, coach Yoon said, “I hope freshman Hong Sang-min and Kang Ji-hoon will show more concentration. I saw it. I am aware of the points that have been pointed out, and my mistakes are decreasing, and I have an expectation that I will overcome enough.”

To the additional question about Hong Sang-min, “Because he is a young friend, he shrinks when he is pointed out, but if he does well, his expression brightens and he gains confidence. I think it should be. Hong Sang-min and Kang Ji-hoon are playing as the main players, so I’m looking at it with hope.”

Guard Lee Min-seo, who has been working together for a long time, also said, “(Hong) Sang-min is a very big and strong player. He is very helpful on the screen and in this way. (Kang) Ji-hoon has strength in rebounding and is a team player in defense. As a guard, we are trying to make use of our strengths. They are good players, so the team needs them. There will be a burden without (Lee) Gyu-tae and (Kim) Bo-bae, but I want to say a lot of good things to ease it. ” he praised.

Yonsei University, which has crossed the 8th division ridge to advance to the finals, will play the final match against Myongji University on the 16th. Will Kang Ji-hoon and Hong Sang-min continue to perform well on MBC Bae?

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